Neutron Door Lead Building Process

Neutron-Absorbing Doors in Gibsonton, FL

Some high energy linear accelerator installations require a specially constructed steel door with neutron absorbing borated polyethylene and lead for gamma ray absorption. These very heavy doors (3000 to 15,000 lbs) are fabricated to meet the physicist shielding specification. Our doors are configured with Brookfield Industries, Inc. motorized door operators, special interlock switches and energy absorbing door stops. Brookfield heavy duty hinges selected for the weight of the door are standard. Battery backup units that open the door when power fails are available as an option. a-fabco, inc. offers standard design units for new construction or can design custom doors for special shielding requirements and for retrofitting to existing openings.


13″ Thick Neutron Door

Standard Neutron Door

brookfield W-150HD

Concrete 12″ Frame

Finished 12″ Frame

Lead Brick in Door

Installed Door with NB-2000 & W-200HD Hinges


Special 13-1/4″ Thick Neutron Door with Shielding Shelf Above – Retrofit