Lead Door Suppliers in Gibsonton, FL

A-fabco. Inc. manufactures lead doors for medical and industrial shielding applications and sound abatement applications. They are available in wood and steel versions as described below. Contact us to learn about our doors, personnel barriers, and options for determining lead sheet thickness.


A-fabco. Inc. offers wood or metal doors complete up to 1/2″. These are available in an infinite variety of finishes including hardwood veneers and high pressure laminate skins, with pre-machining to meet spec, with lead thickness up to 1/2″ on non fire rated doors and up to 1/4″ on fire rated doors up to 60 minutes.


A complete line of doors and hardware for all types of commercial construction is available through a-fabco, inc. We can supply products from all major manufacturers for projects that require both lead lined doors and frames as well as standard non-lead lined doors, frames, and hardware. We fabricate standard throat size control room view window frames, telescopic 2 piece frames and can provide non-standard or custom size frames upon request.


A-fabco. Inc. offers single and double rabbeted door frames in welded or knock down configurations with prep for all types of hardware configurations to meet the architect specifications. Fire labels to 90 minutes are also available.


A-fabco. Inc. can supply most leaded hardware from stock, or we will lead line your hardware if desired. Our A.H.C. (Architectural Hardware Consultant) can also help you with your spec. or aide in value engineering of your project.


Some high energy linear accelerator installations require a specially constructed steel door with neutron absorbing borated polyethylene and lead for gamma ray absorption. These very heavy doors (3000 to 15,000 lbs) are fabricated to meet the physicist spec. They are supplied with motorized door operators, special interlock switches and energy absorbing door stops. a-fabco offers standard design units and we will design for retrofit to existing openings. Click on the icon for additional information and photos.


Linear accelerator vaults cannot always accommodate a maze to assist in containing the emissions of the equipment due to space limitation. The neutron sliding door is well suited to those application as well as facilities with extreme lead and poly thickness requirements. Our sliding doors are manufactured in our Gibsonton, Florida plant. Click on the icon for additional information and photos.


At A-fabco. Inc. We offer two levels of sound protection doors available in the wood laminate, hinge configuration and glass configuration of your choosing..