Personnel Barriers for Radiation Shielding in Gibsonton, FL

In many cases, stationary or mobile protective barriers are required in the x-ray room for protection of personnel such as nurses, doctors and technicians who are required to be present while the x-ray beam is energized. To save space and allow for relocation, these units are generally pre-made and usually contain a window for observation of the patient or necessary equipment. The units can be made in any size to include either glass or acrylic protective windows.

A-fabco, Inc. has designed many different configurations of personnel barriers to meet any budget, including aluminum or stainless steel framing or all shielded plastic laminate.


Many installations to save space are utilizing pre-made operator control walls that are factory constructed and shipped to the job site completely assembled and ready for easy attachment. Since these are rarely thicker than 2″ they save floor space and reduce the trauma of having to build a framed wall in the x-ray room.

Personnel barriers with lead acrylic windows offer an added advantage of being approved for “full width” window viewing and not subject to the NCR recommendation which suggests the window be at least 18″ in from the end of the wall so that the operator is not tempted to communicate with the patient by having their head beyond the protective wall.

These units can be configured in any arrangement and each segment will be shipped completely assembled for rapid on site installation. The upper window and lower shielded opaque barrier are generally framed in 14GA stainless steel. We can match any desired customer color. Contact us in Gibsonton, FL to learn more about our barriers, our construction materials, and the proper lead glass thickness for x-ray rooms!