Radiation-Shielding Materials & Services

When you are looking for a manufacturer or designer for radiation shielding products and radiation shielding services in Gibsonton, FL, you want a company that puts you and your patients first. At A-fabco. Inc., we know how important safety and quality are to you and your patients.

Our goal is to work with you to consult, design and supply the most exceptional radiation shielding products and radiation shielding services in Gibsonton, FL, and across the nation. With 50 years of experience behind us in medical shielding and industrial oncology applications, we offer both turnkey and innovation when we create your products.

A-fabco. Inc. will work side-by-side with you to serve your every need.  You can expect uninterrupted service that meets your every specification and demand.

Specialized Items & Services

A-fabco. Inc. has been developing specialized radiation shielding products and radiation shielding services since they were invented and first came to the market. Our company and our experts have grown with this innovation that protects you and your patients. We design and build what you need to feel secure in the workplace.

From lead glass to personnel barriers, we know how important safety is. Our products are unparalleled in the industry. Our experience shows. You won’t get a more professional design in this area.

Lead-lined glass, bricks, doors and frames, personnel barriers, construction materials, and more are all part of our unique specializations. We’ll help you figure out the proper lead-sheet thickness, industrial x-rays, and what you need for your custom projects.

Your Design Your Way

Today’s medical world is a complex one, and A-fabco. Inc. understands that your needs are diverse, and command quality first. Our clients stay with us because they know that we grasp their customized needs for their workers and their patients.

It’s your design, your way. We aren’t there every day to appreciate the burdens in your space. You can’t afford to see a single detail go amiss. Our 50 years of expertise get it right.

Contact Us Today

When you need personalized radiation shielding specialists in Gibsonton, FL, call A-fabco. Inc. We will work side-by-side with you through every step of your project. For lead glass, lead doors, lead-lined drywall, and many other radiation shielding products that you need, we are here for you. Contact us today and we will get your project started.