Construction Materials for Radiation Shielding in Gibsonton, FL

Lead Lined Drywall

Clean Board * A-fabco. Inc. manufacturers and stacks the boards face to face and lead to lead, which keeps the oxidized lead from rubbing off. Your installer will appreciate this extra production step which keeps the drywall clean and makes his job easier. The document “All Lead Drywall is Not The Same” details why A-fabco. Inc. lead drywall is superior. Contact us if you have any questions.

Identification * Each board is stamped with the lead thickness on the face making it easy to verify when installing. Edge color coding allows specific board thicknesses to be identified even in a flat pile.

Bonding * Our process bonds the lead to the drywall with a special water dispersed contact cement which means no VOC’s or noxious formaldehyde fumes that tend to accumulate in drywall storage and installation areas.

These unique A-fabco. Inc. features are coupled with FED. SPEC. QQ-L-201F lead, fresh drywall, one 2″ wide lead batten strip and 50EA lead screw cover discs per panel** to form one quality unit ready for installation.

Schedule of Commercial Lead Thickness and Weight * This table will give you an overview of lead sheet thickness with mathematical conversions.

**Lead screw cover discs may not be required according to following report. See NCRP Report #147.

Lead Brick

Lead Brick is used in medical construction for linear accelerator vaults, vault doors and other high radiation procedures as well as in industrial non-destructive testing x-ray applications where very thick lead requirements are specified.

HD Concrete

High Density Concrete is an cost effective alternative to lead brick in linear accelerator vaults and situations that require thick lead for radiation / x-ray shielding and protection.

Leaded Frames

Leaded Frames. A-fabco. Inc.¬†always suggests that you order the view window frames / borrow lites from the same company that supplies the glass. This eliminates the division of responsibility that can occur when the glass and frame size are not compatible. Glass installers may not be comfortable with or want the responsibility of “nibbling” off an edge to make it fit.

A-fabco. Inc. offers two types of metal frames that perform the same functions for different prices.

One Piece Frame

A welded,16 gauge, prime painted, mitered corner frame with lead installed per spec.

Telescopic Frame

This is a 14 gauge two piece leaded, telescopic window frame that will adjust for walls from 3 1/2″ to 7 1/4″ thick.