Radiation-Shielding Products & Services

Established in 1970, A-fabco. Inc. provides radiation shielding services and radiation-shielding materials to the Gibsonton, FL, area and across the nation. We know what you need when it comes to protecting your patients. Our radiation shielding services and materials are backed by our expertise and knowledge and have been for the past 50 years.

About Our Radiation-Shielding Services

Radiation shielding is still a relatively new concept and has only been used in health care for 50 years. A-fabco. Inc. has grown in the field and knows exactly what today’s health care systems need. We’ve been manufacturing radiation shielding since it first became available to the public.

We know how critical it is to protect patients from the harmful impacts of radiation in the medical sector. Our decades of experience designing and building radiation shielding have resulted in impeccable results and an established reputation in the field.

A-fabco. Inc. believes in every client and customer and we thrive on being a part of your success. We take a proactive approach through every step of your project. A-fabco. Inc. believes that flawless attention to every specification you have is among the most critical components of your project.

Second, to that, we want to ensure safety and quality communication from beginning to end.

Patient Safety First

When you are designing a radiation facility, your patient’s safety is at the top of your mind. It’s on our minds, too. It is the key consideration when we begin any design for the implementation of your radiation shielding project. Our scope is to ensure that your design has adequate protection and safeguards against any form of accidental exposure.

We know the regulations, and do more than just meet them. Our expertise includes being an advocate for your safety plans. Every inch matters, and we want to be sure that your facility looks safe, feels safe and is safe. We know your patients will feel that, too.

Our specialties include:

  • Lead glass
  • Lead bricks
  • Personnel barriers
  • X-ray cabinets
  • Leaded frames
  • Leaded finish hardware
  • Lead doors
  • High-density concrete
  • Lead-lined drywall

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Essential Workers Matter to Us

As important as safety is for your patients, we know it is important to you, too. That is critical for us. A-fabco. Inc. understands that your patients will be there once in a while, and you will be there every day.

Our radiation shielding services include working with you to design and manufacture radiation shielding products that will protect you and your workers all day, every day.

Contact Us Today

When you are looking for an established radiation services provider, A-fabco. Inc. is the answer. We’ve been providing radiation shielding products for the past five decades in Gibsonton, FL, and across the state to provide exceptional radiation shielding in Florida. Your patients, your workers and your projects are in good hands with A-fabco. Inc. Call us today and we’ll get started on your design right away.


Since 1970, A-fabco. Inc. has been providing leaded products for industrial, medical diagnostic, nuclear and therapy applications. These products include all items necessary to the construction of radiographic facilities as well as special design of leaded cabinetry, operator barriers, neutron doors, and custom-designed modular x-ray rooms and x-ray inspection cabinets. Prior association with sales and service of radiographic equipment and accessories, allows customers to benefit from A-fabco Inc.’s unique knowledge of how the products are utilized and an understanding of their needs relative to special product design and departmental traffic patterns.

Lead-Lined Glass for Radiation Shielding

Windows for viewing the radiography area are available in lead glass. Since there are no domestic manufacturers, these materials must be imported from Europe or Asia.

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Lead Bricks for Radiation Shielding

Linear accelerator vaults and vault doors often require a significant thickness of lead. Generally the requirement for lead up to and including 3/4" (19.04mm equivalency) is accomplished using sheet lead.

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Personnel Barriers for Radiation Shielding

In many cases, stationary or mobile protective barriers are required in the x-ray room for protection of personnel such as nurses, doctors and technicians who are required to be present while the x-ray beam is energized.

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X-Ray Cabinets

These units are usually made of lead sandwiched between steel panels over a “Uni-strut” frame. They can be made with a simple single door which is manually operated, or air and motor operated, multiple doors for production use. Size is generally dictated by the size of the part and target to film distance.

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Lead-Lined View Windows

a-fabco, Inc. lead lined view window frames / borrow lites are welded out of 16 gauge steel as a standard. 14 or 12 gauge is available as a special order.

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Leaded Finish Hardware

a-fabco, inc. can supply most common lead lined door hardware items from stock, or we will lead your hardware if desired.

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Custom Radiation Shielding Projects

Over the years a-fabco has had the opportunity to design and construct many interesting projects both large and small. Customers from both the private sector and government have sought out the quality and skills that a-fabco brings to the table.

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Lead-Lined Doors and Frames for Radiation Shielding

a-fabco manufactures lead doors for medical and industrial shielding applications and sound abatement applications.

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High-Density Concrete

High density concrete and concrete blocks are a relatively new entry into the radiation shielding product line. The poured concrete and interlocking blocks can offer a cost effective material when compared to lead for linear accelerator vaults and other applications requiring heavy lead thickness.

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Lead-Lined Drywall

Lead lined drywall is fabricated in our Gibsonton, Florida plant using high quality Type X drywall and a variety of sheet lead thicknesses from 2 pound (1/32″ -.794mm) to 8 pound (1/8″ – 3.175mm) lead as backing

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Our corporate philosophy of always putting the customer first, has aided our steady growth and our attention to customer field problems, has allowed us to make many innovations in design and manufacture that have made their job easier.

    As specialists in Healthcare Facility construction, we have consistently relied on a-fabco as a key partner to help deliver our projects on time and on budget. Over the past 18 years we have contracted with a-fabco on countless projects due to their professionalism, integrity, and experience. I would highly recommend a-fabco as a leader in the fabrication and installation of high quality radiation shielding products.


    Full List of Products

    A-fabco. Inc. has completed over 20,000 successful projects. Below is a sampling of our materials.

    • Automatic door operators
    • Brookield door operators
    • Custom X-Ray enclosures
    • Custom X-Ray rooms
    • Custom X-Ray vaults
    • Cyberknife doors
    • High energy doors
    • Industrial X-Ray enclosures
    • Industrial X-Ray rooms
    • Industrial X-Ray vaults
    • Interlocking lead brick
    • Lead brick
    • Lead brick installation
    • Lead door frames
    • Lead doors
    • Lead drywall
    • Lead frames
    • Lead glass
    • Lead lined door frames
    • Lead lined doors
    • Lead lined drywall
    • Lead lined frames
    • Lead lined glass
    • Lead lined plywood
    • Lead lined view window frames
    • Lead plate
    • Lead plywood
    • Lead protection
    • Lead shielded doors
    • Lead Shielded X-Ray enclosures
    • Lead Shielded X-Ray rooms
    • Lead Shielded X-Ray vaults
    • Lead shielding
    • Lead view window frames
    • Linear accelerator door hinges
    • Linear accelerator doors
    • Modular X-Ray enclosures
    • Modular X-Ray rooms
    • Modular X-Ray vaults
    • Neutron doors
    • Non-destructive testing enclosures
    • Non-destructive testing rooms
    • Non-destructive testing vaults
    • PET scan shielding
    • Radiation protection
    • Radiation shielding
    • RD-50
    • Sheet lead
    • Shielded X-Ray enclosure
    • Shielded X-Ray rooms
    • Shielded X-Ray vaults
    • Sliding vault doors
    • Sound doors
    • Sound vated doors
    • STC doors
    • Swinging vault doors
    • Tomotheraphy doors
    • Vault door hinges
    • Vault door repair
    • Vault doors
    • X-Ray enclosures / vaults
    • X-Ray protection
    • X-Ray shielded doors
    • X-Ray shielded glass
    • X-Ray shielding
    • X-Ray shielding drywall

    Our Projects

    We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.


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