Leaded Frames in Gibsonton, FL

A-fabco. Inc. lead lined view window frames / borrow lites are welded out of 16 gauge steel as a standard. 14 or 12 gauge is available as a special order. The standard throat is 4-7/8″ and removable glass stop sets are included in the price. Frames are lead lined with a thickness meeting the requirements as defined by the physicist. When calculating your window frame size, first determine what size glass you wish to use. Add 4-1/4″ to width and height of your glass size to get your outside frame dimensions. Example: Glass size 36″H x 42″W requires a borrow lite frame outside dimension 40-1/4″H X 46-1/4″W. Better yet, call us and let our expert project managers calculate your glass and frame sizes for you.

We recommended that ordering lead glass and frames from the same manufacturer which guarantees a perfect fit every time. a-fabco is a Schott Glass North America lead glass distributor and can provide all the lead glass for your project.

Wider throats, single rabbet and other special frame requirements can be met with additional lead time. Contact us today to learn more about our frames for lead doors and drywall.