High-Density Concrete in Gibsonton, FL

High-density concrete and concrete blocks are a relatively new entry into the radiation shielding product line alongside lead bricks and similar materials. The poured concrete and interlocking blocks can offer a cost-effective material when compared to lead for linear accelerator vaults and other applications requiring heavy lead thickness. Depending upon the shielding requirement, HD concrete alone or in combination with lead brick can offer cost savings with identical shielding characteristics.

HD concrete can be poured, pumped or conveyed during initial construction of a vault. Three types of block are also available including interlocking chevron-type, solid rectangular type and 3-core HD masonry. The latter two require matching density HD grout. A variety of block sizes are available depending upon the style selected. All 3 styles are available in 250 PCF/4.01 GCC and 300 PCF / 4.81 GCC. Custom sizes and densities are available upon order.

A-fabco. Inc. can arrange for installation or you may choose to work with the general contractor or the masonry contractor on your job which may save money on the total project.

The interlocking chevron blocks are pictured in the job below. HD blocks were used not only in the walls, but a steel beam ceiling was constructed and the block was used for overhead protection as well. Contact us to order yours!