Lead Drywall Features in Gibsonton, FL

All Lead Drywall is not the same!!

If your installation includes x-ray rooms for doctor’s offices and hospitals, you should be concerned with the quality of the lead board that you purchase. If you are not concerned, it will cost you money.

1970 marks the year that a-fabco, inc. began supplying radiation shielding products. We have always tried to “tune in” to the desires of our customers and installers. Here is what we have discovered:

Dirty Lead Board Means Extra Work for Installers

Some board is so dirty it must be hard coated. This dirty appearance is due to lead oxide rubbing off on the board during manufacture and shipment.

a-fabco, inc. solution : We manufacture and ship the board “lead to lead” and “face to face” to produce only “clean” board.

Delivery and Unloading at the Site can be a Real Problem

a-fabco solution: We deliver all Florida orders with our own trucks and our people unload and, in most cases, place the board in the work area.

Different Leads Thickness Causes Installation Problems

a-fabco, inc. solution: Our lead board has the lead thickness stamped on the face of the board and it is color coded on the side edges for easy identification when in the pile. The color code matches the color-coded drawings that are supplied for multiple thickness applications.

Lead Overhanging the Panel is Bent or Damaged

a-fabco, inc. solution: Separate 2″ wide lead batten strips allow for greater flexibility and time saving for joints and wraps. They are non-directional as well.

All of these features are offered at Competitive Prices! Give us a call and let us prove that quality does not cost extra – It Saves!