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This PET / CT Trailer was recently completed at the Gibsonton, Florida manufacturing facility. Click on photo below to see a slide show of this project.

a-fabco excels in design and fabrication of lead lined cabinetry and other shielding products. Click on photo below to see a slide show of this project.


a-fabco offers a complete line of nuclear medicine shielding products including leaded cabinets for storage and processing of radioisotopes. We will custom design and construct  special work stations to meet your requirements. Some fully leaded units can be located directly in the same room as the counting equipment, thus saving the space of a "hot lab".

Along with the standard 12" Wide and the 16" Wide table top shields, we will tailor any window size and shielding to your requirement. We fabricate each L-Block shield

Shield - Stainless Face with Cave

Shield - 4" Glass - Stailness Face with Cave

Shield - Custom Laminate Face with Cave

Shield - 1/16" Lead Equiv. - No Cave

Lead lined stainless steel or laminate cabinets are available for "Sharpes", generator or linen storage.

These "Sharpes" containers vary in size and style. A 12" x 12" x 12" with a 1" lip is standard. They provide for drop thru disposal of radioactive needles, swabs etc. The lead metal container is designed to stand alone or be recessed into a counter top. The port and entire top is lockable to prevent unauthorized access if you require. The container can be supplied with lead shielding from 1/8" to 2" thick.The containers with 1" to 2" lead have a specially designed pivoting, lockable top because of the weight of the lid.

Dual Locking Port Sharpes

Single Locking Port Sharpes

Sharpes with Door and Chute

Dual Door with Access Port